St Edward, King and Martyr


Celebrating the newly manifest commemoration of the holy King Edward, who shone forth of old in the virtues and suffered undeservedly, and bowing down before his precious relics in gladness we cry out: Wondrous art Thou in Thy Saint, O God!


Thou didst shine forth in the land of Wessex as a pious King and radiant Martyr. For when the enemies of godly order fell upon thee, thou didst bear the wounds and blows, and to thy Saviour thou didst speedily depart. But now thou workest a multitude of miracles for them that call upon thee: Rejoice, O holy King and Martyr Edward, intercessor for our land!

A hagiography of St Edward is linked to from the title of this post, and his relics may be venerated at the Church Abroad's monastery at Brookwood.

Thanks to Leetle M for suggesting continuing the lives of Saints of the British Isles. In related news, Credo has today posted this about St Wulfstan.

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Ian said...

One of my favourite saints. Thank you.

Eric John said...

Michael, which calendar keeps St. Edward's feast today? I thought it was in March. I didn't find any mention of it in my Anglican Breviary either. Well, happy feast! I love him too. Hope you had yourself a wonderful feast day!

About St. Wulfstan: Vladimir Moss wasn't very generous to him in his on-line tome "The Fall of Orthodox England." After reading his description in the Anglican Breviary, I must admit I very much love St. Wulfstan. He did what he could to keep his flock together under great threat and pressure from William the Bastard, the wicked French pretender. ;) I'll be saying his collect again tonight. Fie on those who preach the immediate disappearance of grace and claim to know the mind of God!

Credo said...

Thanks for the plug, Michael. I'm also particularly fond of Wulfstan, as you might gather from the post.

I too am confused about St Edward's place in the calendar though. I thought he was October sometime? In any case, I also have a soft spot for him. A shame his shrine is now a tourist trap though.

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