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My faithful readers may remember that at about this time last year, my housemate and I were burgled and my laptop was stolen. In the intervening period, my housemate and exceptionally good friend has permitted me to use his laptop for my general internet and other computer usage and I am eternally grateful. We moved house in July of this year and my godfather gave me a computer as he was replacing his. It is an exceptionally good machine with the most up-to-date versions of most things and a very decent amount of memory. I have been so well treated, especially as I haven't been in a position over the past year or so to purchase a new one.

Well we've now gone wireless with our internet connexion and here I am, posting from my bedroom, surrounded by my books (which are my weakness) and Hilda (my swiss cheese plant), with AFR playing in the background. By the grace of God and the assistance of good friends (and citalopram ;-) ), things are getting much better for me and I'm so pleased with the positive turn that things have taken.

I just want to give my thanks to all who have remembered me in prayer over the past year and before. Your effectual prayers have been very much appreciated.

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Ian said...

Wonderful to hear things are getting better for you: my prayers, as alwys, continue. God bless.

Michael said...

Oh Ian, bless you! Thank you for that. It has been a difficult year despite the joys along the way but I really do feelt hat I'm emerging now on the sunnier side of things and it feels good - for the first time in some time, I feel generally positive rather than generally negative with a few positive things interspersed. Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Pssst - e-mail me. ;-)

Jack the Lass said...

Really glad to hear this Michael (hello btw!) :)

Anonymous said...

What joyous news!

I too lost your blog in the process of installing Windows XP, so I'm delighted to get it back!

Best wishes,


Michael said...

Jack the lass and Mary, thanks so much for your sentiments. I'm so pleased as well. And it's good to see you back, Leetle M. :-) You commented just about a minute before my most recent post, which shares even more good news.

In Christ,
M xx

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