Debrett's Correct Form

This is one of those books that I saw and rather fancied over a year ago and intended to buy for myself, but kept forgetting. Each time I remembered, something else came up or I procrastinated. Does anybody else do that: see something you want but then keep forgetting to get it for yourself?

Well, I'm pleased, as the updated edition was published in October and a friend has just bought it for me for Christmass. Apart from being an invaluable tool - just how I have managed thus far without it is beyond me - it will look rather good on my desk beside my dictionaries of various languages, my thesaurus, The Oxford Guide to Style and the publications by the Fowler brothers.

I do enjoy my books. It seems that my godfather knows this all too well as his Christmass present to me was a very generous collection of book tokens. :-)

What fun!

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Michael said...

And today it arrived. Yay!

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