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I was pleased to recently discover the new and much-improved group, now hosted by Google. There is a good collection of articles on the Benedictine way of life and resources for the Divine Office. While it assumes use of the Revised Julian calendar, much of it is still invaluable to those of us on the Julian calendar. I'm grateful to Subdeacon Benjamin and others for their work and thought I'd post here just in case there were any others who, like me, came late to an awareness of this.

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Mark said...

Sounds good, Michael. What Breviary are you using these days?

(By the way, do you want to let me know what you think of this?)

God bless,

Michael said...

Hullo, Mark.

I use the Monastic Diurnal along with the Monastic Diurnal Noted. The main failing of the book is that it uses the Coverdale Psalter, which is a translation of the Masoretic text, so I use the Septuagint translation found in The Psalter According to the Seventy, which is really quite beautiful and is easy to chant as long I keep a table of the eight tones in front of me, (downloadable from the Monastic Diurnal group).

My rule is to do Prime and Compline, with Vespers and Lauds added for Sundays and Solemnities. In reality, I usually manage Compline daily but Prime less frequently, 1st Vespers of Sunday almost always (preceded by the Lucinarium, not in the Diurnal), although Lauds on Sunday mornings often depends on whether the driver of the coach I get to church has the radio on at full blast. If so, I find concentration too difficult for any continuation to be meaningful. I do try to improve, though, and to keep going in spite of how I may be feeling. I have a friend to thank for getting me back on track after struggling to maintain the discipline. Things are much better generally with my spiritual life now that I have regular prayer on which to fall back.

That site looks good. It is clean and easy, explaining perhaps unfamiliar terms without being patronising, and gives a little background information as well as the bare essentials. I'm sure those using the offices for which it was intended will find it extremely useful.

Michael x

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