Is Outrage!

Many will recognise the post title as the catchphrase of Fr Vasiliy Vasileivich Smith, a fictional character created by Reader Alexis Riggle of the Orthodox Church in America. Fr Vasiliy regularly featured as a priestly agony uncle in the Onion Dome, a spoof Orthodox news website that ran for some years until last year. Since then, the phrase seems to have made its way into regular church conversation, used by people with no idea of its provenance.

I am pleased to report that, while the website is now no more, some of the better excerpts from it, including almost all of the contributions from Fr Vasiliy, have been published in a book that is now readily available for purchase from Having long been a fan of the Onion Dome, I can assure you that it will be well worth it. Here is a site created to give a little more information. Please do buy a copy for yourself or a friend. If you really like it, why not add Fr Vasiliy as a friend on the Book of Faces?

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Jon Marc said...

Yay!!! This is the best news I've gotten so far this year! ;-)

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