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I am blessed to have three Saints' names: S. Michael (whose icon is to the right in the sidebar), Ss Patrick and David, whose icons are at the left of this blog.

I have a deep devotion to S. Michael, and would very much like to develop something similar with Ss Patrick and David. I have never before been encouraged in this, and such devotion is something that I have arrived at very much on my own. I know that things are very different in Orthodoxy, and so I would very much like to hear from those who practise devotion to their patron Saints (and I understand that this is not always the same as the Saint(s) whose name(s) a person bears).

Do you have icons or any special prayers addressed to them, or hymns written in their honour? I would be very interested to hear.

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Henry said...

My parish priest has devotions to St David, St Anthony, Padre Pio and St Francis of Assisi. His office has lots of icons on them.


Michael said...

Thank you, Henry.

Does he venerate these icons in prayer or with some other form of reverence (incense, lights, &c), or do they just hang on his wall?

M x

Anonymous said...

In front of my icon of St. Patrick, Michael, I often just read through the "Lorica", aka "St. Patrick's Breastplate". I am sure there are Orthodox troparia and kontakia for saints of the undivided Church, and a website may exist where you could find those.


Ari said...

I just pray the Sarum collects, and the usual prayers of intercession - mention them in litany when praying one (.

A good idea is to go on pilgrimage: to St. David's (you know, visiting twice is worth once to Rome, and visiting thrice is worth once to Jerusalem), or to various Patrician sites in Ireland. Simply saying asking their intercession, and celebrating their feasts is a good beginning.

Here's a good litany: - though as is, it is a historical document (praying for the universal Pope of Rome and for King Gregory is a bit anachronistic at this point... )

Ari said...

Forgot to point out: the Dunkeld Litany is circa the 880's - King Gregory ascended the throne in 883 I believe?

Ari said...

I have a Litany of Welsh Saints as well, which comes from Fr. Deiniol in Blaenau Ffeistiniog - a visit to North Wales might be an idea. I'll see when I have time if I can put that litany up on blog or something.

Joe said...

The saints I venerate most are Tsar-Martyr Nicholas, St. John of San Fransisco, Michael the Archangel (actually my middle name as well), and of course above these the Theotokos...

"Rejoice o' Nicholas, God-Crowned Tsar and great Passion-Bearer" (From the Akathist to Tsar Martyr Nicholas)

Joe Zollars

Anonymous said...

I;m not quite a Catechumen yet. However, I venerate: St. David of Wales, St. John of Rila, (a few others). Is it wrong to venerate a "Saint" that is Roman Catholic? I venerate "St. John Nepomuk"...I don't know if I should. +

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