Coming out - part the second

I posted some weeks ago that I had concerns about the reactions of some of my friends to my thoughts. After the joy of Pascha, I could keep quiet no longer and so I have begun to be more open with some of those closer to me. This has gone down rather well, although I am aware that not everybody is best pleased. I have good, supportive friends, who, although may not respect my choice, respect my right to make that choice. This is a great relief to me, although I don't suppose I genuinely expected any less from my friends.

I am still concerned about my involvement with the culture that exists within the Church of England, and howI would be affected by a separation from that culture. I suppose only time will tell what happens.

I wait, praying for patience.

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Mark said...

Well, do keep us informed, hey! Some of us (okay, me) live our alter-egos through watching our friends make these journeys.

Praying for patience? For yourself, or you mean for others towards you?

Anyway, I think it's a bit like different creatures on different paths. A goat might find it easy to go up and down mountains speedily, but tarry long in valleys--not always the quick way to the end. Whereas some other creature will get waylaid by (in!) the crevices and ravines.

To my but simple mind if your experience evokes joy, true joy, then how can it be bad. :-)

Sorry for filling your blog up with my observations. :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know that it'll be any comfort, but I remember that when I became Orthodox, the "culture" in the US Episcopal Church was still very much like the "culture" you have been involved in across the Pond. We were veddy veddy High Church and rawther British too. (excuse my accent!) Only the theology was changing rapidly in those days.

I was going to say more, but suffice it to add that that "culture" has now all but disappeared in the US.

In short, Orthodoxy is =culturally= better for those of us who don't much like surprises.

Just my humble opinion.

Leetle M.

Ian said...

My prayers are with you. God bless.

Michael said...

Thank you, all.

Mark, you must never apologise for sharing your thoughts here. Your questioning over the past week or so has been really helpful. You have made me actually think about what I believe so that I can answer your questions and, at the same time, have managed to make me feel needed, which is good for me.

Leetle M, thank you as well for your thoughts. I still chuckle at that limerick you wrote, which I have shared with a few friends, all of whom agree that it's rather good.

Ian, thank you again for your prayers. I hope the journey is going well for you. How have people taken it at your end?

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