In you, O woman full of grace, all creation exults!

Hail Mary! You are full of grace,
above all women blest:
th'eternal God you brought to birth
and nursed him at your breast;
what Eva lost, you have restored,
you crushed the serpent's head;
in you, Mother of God most pure,
we joy, who once were dead.

You brought to us God's holy Word,
obedient to God's will;
and, as your Son was sacrificed,
you wept upon the hill.
Now we obey that holy Word,
presenting bread and wine;
we join in that same Sacrifice,
transcending space and time.

Of Mary's steadfast faith we sing,
with joyful hearts and minds.
In her, in glory now enthroned,
the Church its image finds.
And so, with her and all the Saints,
in Christ we rise again;
up to the highest heavn's we soar,
and there, in glory, reign!

Words: copyright (c) Michael Astley 2002
Tune: Kingsfold (I heard the Voice of Jesus)

This is my very first. Until about five minutes ago, the penultimate line of the first verse read "In you, with soul from sin preserved", which is a little too 1854 for me now. (I had a very different outlook on things three years ago).

6 responses:

Mark said...

I like them both.

You are fond of the "th'"s, though, aren't you!? ;-)

Michael said...

Not as much fond, as just too lazy to sort out the scansion problem properly. :-)

Thank you though. Looking forward to meeting. :-)

dj_ordinaire said...

Just thought I'd drop in to pay a fleeting complement - those are wonderful hymns, especially the one for Corpus.

Hope the mood to write more comes upon you soon!

Michael said...

Thank you so much, dj_ordinaire. It's good to have you here. I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately, or updated the collect. Things are a little difficult right now. Please pray.

Joe said...

Prayers Mikhail (sorry couldn't resist the desire to spread russian culture ;) ).

As DJ-Ordinaire said, they are quite lovely hymns.

Joe Zollars

Anonymous said...

((Michael)) and prayers.


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