Would somebody please explain to me why it is that there are people who walk this earth, who feel that it is acceptable to call me Mike? I have never introduced myself as Mike, and I refer to myself as Michael, for that is my name, and I really do not think it at all unreasonable to expect to be called by my name, instead of some ridiculous abbreviation, born out of sheer laziness and extreme rudeness.

Does anybody else have a similar problem?

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Mark said...

What really annoys me is when people call me Miles. Heck, that's my surname not my name!

Mark said...

Oh, and people misspelling my name "Marc"... or my surname "Myles". AAAARGH!

Michael said...

Oh yes, the misspellings. That's another one. Micheal? What's that?

Michael - Who is like the Lord?
Micheal? I an only imagine people think it means "Who is like Al". But then who is Al?


STAG said...

Lighten up Michael, people call me Bill all the time and I don't go ballistic. I mean, where on Earth do you get "Bill" from "William"? At least "Mike" is a diminutive of Michael. There isn't even an Archangel William....there oughta be a law!

Is it rude? Lazy? Naah. If you believe that you have a serious chip on yer shoulder.

Really enjoying your Blog by the way.

Sarah said...

My boyfriend perfers being called Joshua, never introduces himself as Josh or anything... but people still refer to him as that. It's not just you!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Only my big brother is allowed to call me Liz :-)
When I stand to receive the Holy Gifts, my priest says "the handmaiden of God *Elizabeth* receives the Body and Blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ...".
He does not say "Liz".

Michael said...

Ooooooo! New people!

Hello! Thank you for posting, and welcome. How did you come across me?

I may have a chip on my shoulder, but I'm not sure that this always a bad thing. Yes, I do think that it is rude to use a corrupt form of somebody's name in referring to or addressing that person, unless that person has specifically stated that this is all right, or even a preference. My personal practice is to use people's names as default and if they seem to be happy to be addressed either by their name or derivative of it.

I only use shortened forms if specifically requested to do so. I know a chap called Sebastian, but who much prefers Seb, and so that is what i call him.

Names are very important and meaningful to me. I changed my surname last year, and was very careful about what I changed it to. I think that whether chosen or given, a name is very much a part of the identity of the individual, and to corrupt that is therefore rude.

As for reasons for it, I can think of nothing but laziness, which, IMO, is really no justification.

Am I really getting worked up over nothing?

Anonymous said...

"Am I really getting worked up over nothing?"

Well, you're not quite as bad off as =my= friend Sebastian. People call =him= "Basty"...you can see where a nickname like that might go.

If it makes you feel any better, in Irish the name Michael is often spelled Micheal. There are quite a few fine pipers with that name. So, my advice to you would be simply to ask those who spell your name "Micheal" whether they are Irish. :)

I will take good care to spell your name properly, as people are always calling me "Hey you!"

Leetle M.

Anonymous said...

I also only address people by their full first name, unless they tell me otherwise, even if other people call them by a shortened version. I know several Jennifers and I always call them "Jennifer". Some people call them "Jen" but I won't unless they ask me to.

My own first name is long and uncommon, and I do not permit anyone to abbreviate it in any way. I tried going by a shortened version once and I realized it wasn't "me".

So I totally see where you're coming from.

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