The Westminster Missal

A Shameless last-minute plug.

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Ian said...

If I were a rich man, I'd be helping you out. Hope you get a good price.

My continued prayers for your catechumenate.

Joe said...

Dang it I missed it! let me know when you have more auctions.

Lastly, are you sure you want to get rid of all this stuff? Back when I first went eastward I sold all my old Roman stuff (including 2 Altar Missals as well as numerous other pieces) and now I regret it.

Many prayers for you and your journey to Holy Mother Church Michael.

Joe Zollars

Anonymous said...

You need to write more on your blog, I am bored and need cheering up. Hope your icons sold well.



Ian said...

Indeed we do!

I pray all is well Michael.

[And I just noted the "Satanward-expectorant" on your blog title! ;-)]

ferijen said...

Another clamour adding to those calling for more posts

you're a man in demand, clearly :D

Anonymous said...

Indeed. This is a great blog!

Leetle M.

Anonymous said...

I'll jump on the band wagon too - more, more please.


Joe said...

Please do post more Michael!

Joe Zollars

Michael said...

O my friends, forgive me!

I have been posting elsewhere but avoiding the blog as I tend to post personal things here, and that is the sort of thing that I have been avoiding talking about. Still, it can't all hurt. I've added a longer-than-usual post.

I didn't want to part with the Missal, Joe - it was more a case of, "I have little money, let's see what I can sell". Things are remedying themselves, though.

Thanks for your encouragement, everyone!

M xx

Joe said...

I am glad to hear that things are working out well! I have been in that situation myself in the past.

Fortunately, I know enough bartenders to get the hook up on drinks and being in middle management, I'm not exactly wealthy but have enough to afford a comfortable lifestyle as long I'm not overly concerned about eating solid foods, taking my allergy meds, or having gas in the car.....

Joe Zollars

Ian said...

That's alright Michael: hope we didn't make you feel guilty!

It's great to hear from you; you always have something wise to say, so that's why we were all clamouring to hear more!

God bless.

Michael said...

Joe, good on you! It's always good to know people in the right places, and behind the bar would definitely count as one of the right places. :-D

Ian, you flatter me so. Yes, I'm still here and you're right, I should post more. I'll see if I can get the cogs turning. ;-)

M x

Joe said...

Indeed it is Michael, indeed it is.

Of course you know the Lord did turn the water into Wine at Cana (and good wine at that) so in a twisted sort of way, its all a tribute to the almighty (Irish style). ;)

JOe Zollars

Michael said...

Well this is true. I'm rather good at turning wine into water, but I haven't quite managed the other way round yet.

Still working on it, though. More bergamot oil, methinks.

Joe said...

concentrated grape juice
wine makers yeast

three easy ingredients neededto make waterinto wine. Of course, when you take the flavored vodka martini mixers and freeze them, itsso awesome. a liqour smoothee! ;)

Joe Zollars

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