I discovered this yesterday while googling for information about the Feast of the Miracle of St Michael at Colossai, which falls today. What a good idea!

I have sent icons to all of the Michaels whose e-mail addresses I have and thought that I would share the link here.

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Anonymous said...

You look dashing in your vestments smock, Michael.

Enjoy your ascending.

Don't let the fair weather friends get you down either (thinking of your recent thread on SoF). I have a few of those in my life. Only a number I can count on one hand of peeps who really treat me right.



Michael said...

Thank you, duchess. If I could blush,
I would. ;)

I think you and evryone else is right about friends like that. We all have them and they're just a different type of friend, I suppose. I know the ones I can phone at 2am and get support from.

M x

Anonymous said...

Iconograms come in quite handy for contacting old friends who have not "changed churches" as we have--sometimes they actually think we are the ones who don't care about them any more--which is of course not the least bit true!

At my great age, I really can't expect some of my oldest friends to keep in touch...but I don't stop praying for them, and sometimes I actually hear from them and learn that they've either been very, very busy, or travelling, or they've "gone into an old people's home"! You're young, so that won't be happening to you for quite a few years yet!

Leetle M.

Barnabas said...

Yes I totally agree with all the above, you can have loads of friends but only a handful are real ones!

Michael Have a great day!

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