Catechumenate - part the second

"Who like the Lord?", thunders Michael the Chief!

Well, I've been "done". I felt a mix of many emotions, from fear, inadequacy and uncertainty to joy and wrmth and love. It really was amazing. My sponsor, Dimitri, has recently completed an icon-writing course and the above is his first icon, which happened to be of the Holy Archangel Michael. I'm sure God interevened here.

He gave it to me. I was really touched by the fact that he was willing to part with his first ever, and it is such a beautiful thing. I venerated it there and then before receiving it. I'm so pleased.

It turns out we didn't spit in the end, but when we turned west we realised that the faithful had all moved aside, leaving a gap "just in case", which I found rather amusing.

I also took a friend along. He had never been to an Orthodox Liturgy before and I think was rather transported by the whole thing to another level. Let's see what becomes of the seed that this may have planted.

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Ian said...

God grant you many years, catechumen Michael!

And what a beautiful icon: a wonderful gift indeed. And so very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Many Years!

[Disappointed that you didn't get a chance to spit....]

Leetle M.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Many Years !!
The icon is truly lovely - to have an original icon is truly a blessing :-)

Ari said...

You'll get to spit at the baptism/chrismation. :) Something to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

When I was made a catechumen I recited the prayers to renounced my former errors and heresies.

We spit as part of the baptism when we were exorcised.

-- Alt Wally

Joe said...

Mnohya Lita!

(prayers for your friend)

Joe Zollars

Michael said...

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. Are there more exorcisms at the Baptism? Goodness! I suppose there is never a point where we've told Satan to get lost too many times.

The icon truly is splendiferous (a perfectly acceptable alternative to "fantabulous").

Barnabas said...

Great icon, my thoughts and prayers are with you, May God continue to bless you richly!

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased it went so well, and I wish you much happiness and many belssings.


PS I think your icon is wonderful too...

Anonymous said...

Yes, the icon is splendid! What a wonderful gift, truly from the heart since it was your sponsor's very first! Those of us who have tried but have not succeeded in learning icon-writing know that the gift of your sponsor's very first icon--and such an excellent icon besides--was extremely special!

Mnogaya Leta!

Leetle M.

Jacob Hicks said...

As I said on the EF, Michael, many prayers. It's sad to see you go but you're evidently doing what you feel God wants you to. May Our Lady of Walsingham pray for you (and, as I look at the icon of her in my study, I'm sure she is).

Jack the Lass said...

Despite being a big fan of Ian's blog (currently on sabbatical sadly) (the blog, not Ian) there's still so much about Orthodoxy I don't know. I'd not heard about the spitting before, and I must confess to suppressing a giggle at the thought of it. What is it meant to signify?

Joe said...

spitting towards the west signifies spitting in the face of the devil and thus rejecting him and all his "pomps and works" as the old Roman Rite said.

Joe Zollars

ferijen said...

Thanks for sharing, and let us know more of your Orthodox exploits!


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