Happy Christmass!

A happy and holy Christmass to all of you who are celebrating the Incarnation of our Lord at this time. Many blessings.

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Jacob Hicks said...

And an happy Christmas* to you, and a blessed Christmas+ to you when it comes!

* As kept by all right-thinkers
+ As kept by peculiar Mancunians! :)

Ian said...

God bless you as you approach the Nativity in the Flesh of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I shall be attending a service on the 7th here and shall be rejoicing with you: Nativity is a blessed time.

Joe said...

May God grant you strength in the final days of the fast. If I remember from my OC days, this is the particularly hardest part of the Nativity Fast.

Joe Zollars

Monkeywrenchmel said...

Richard is enjoying the blue rosary I sent him I think more than the chocolates. It is a trip....I felt God telling me to go ahead and put a rosary in the pkg. I had no idea who he was...and that he was RCC. Then he let me know that the rosary had a good strong string and he seemed happy to get it!

Small thing but it is those type of things in life that make me happy.

I enjoyed Xmas. For the first time in my life, I only spent it with family and I did not go to church at all during Xmas Eve nor Xmas morning. I celebrate though the incarnation of Jesus all year long...pray that miracle in my ecumenical prayer at least once a week on those days.

Take care Michael.

-dutchie +

Jacob Hicks said...

I did indeed appreciate the rosary very much, but I'm an Anglican not a Roman Catholic.

As a priest said recently, "I'm an Anglo-Catholic: when the Pope wants to know how to do liturgy, he comes to me!"

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