Hello all.

Apolgies for my absence. I think I just needed a little breather from the blogosphere. There's been lots going on lately, but I'm back now. Also, I foolishly didn't take necessary action to save my pictures before my webspace was moved to a new server and so lost a few of them, including one or two from my blog. I'll try to get some decent ones up in good time.

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Ari said...

Yay! Welcome back Brother!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Good to have you back blogging, Michael !
When do we get to see baptism photos? :-)

Michael said...

Thanks, both of you! :-)

I only have one or two photos on my camera, but my friend with the video clip is now back online, having recently moved house, so I'll ask him to upload it to my webspace at the first given opportunity. :-)

Hopefully, my godfather should have many more photos whoch I'll post in time as well. I'm sorry for the delay. :-(

M xx

Anonymous said...

Yes, glad to have your blog functioning again, Michael. Looking forward to the pictures!

As for the unfriendly Orthodox, pay them no mind. They've been like that for years and years, and they eat new Orthodox Christians for breakfast. Even during Great Lent.

Reminds me of a little story my old spiritual father used to tell. A family of cannibals had finished their Christmas dinner, when the little 2-year-old cannibal started to cry. He had a terrible tummy-ache. The mother cannibal rushed him to the cannibal pediatrician, who inquired gently, "What did you serve for Christmas dinner, Mrs. Oogle?" "Missionary, of course!" she replied, "we have Missionary every Christmas for dinner." "So that shouldn't have upset Baby's stomach, should it? Was it the same brand of missionary you always serve?" asked the pediatrician. "Well, let me think," answered the mother cannibal. Let's see...he was wearing a grey robe, before I put him into the pot." "INTO THE POT!" exclaimed the pediatrician. "How did you cook him?" "Well, of course I boiled him..." "No wonder the baby has a stomach-ache!" exclaimed the pediatrician. "You boiled him, but he was a friar!"

[Thought you'd like that one, it's so Western Rite..." :)


Leetle M.

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