Baptism & Chrismation

Here are some photos from the day of my baptism back in February. They weren't taken on a digital camera and so I have had to scan them. Apologies for the poor quality. You can still make out the frost on the grass, which should give you some idea of the temperature. Some water was added to the font from St Bertelin's well where I had been on pilgrimage the day before, along with some water from the River Jordan that our nuns in the Holy Land send us every year.

Waiting for the neophytes

Censing the font

The first anointing

My flab

The Baptism (2nd dip, I believe)

Indoors and dry
(three of my friends in the background)

The Chrismation

Smiles with Fr Paul

...and with the godfathers

16 responses:

ezlxq said...

Great to see the Event. Now, I wonder if a creative MC could find a liturgical use for the swing and trampoline seen on the fringes of the baptistry :)

Don't tempt me ......



Anonymous said...

Many Years! May you lead the rest of your life according to this beginning!

Best wishes,

Leetle M.

Michael said...

Leetle M, thank you so much.

ezlxq, I couldn't possibly comment. :-D

Joe said...

God Grant you many years! (thrice sung with glee)

As I said its about time you joined us on the Orthodox side of things. ;)

Oh, and it may just be because your not a pasty cracker such as a myself, but my flab I do believe is bigger than yours. I'm 6'3" and sitting at roughly 18.25 stone.

Joe Zollars

Ian said...

Congratulations! God grant you many, many years!

Wonderful photos: thank you for sharing.

My prayers are with you.

Henry said...

Darn - My Confirmation isn't going to be half as exciting as your Baptism and Chrismation!

Many Years :)


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Lovely to see the pictures at last :-)
Many, many years, Michael !

The Royal Spaniel said...

Thanks for sharing......wishing you many happy years in the Orthodox Church....-:)


Eric John said...

Many years, Michael! Congratulations!

Ari said...

Still, that *had* to be cold!

ferijen said...

Thanks for sharing the photos... we've been waiting for them!

It looked...well... cold!

Praying that your journey in the Orthodox Church continues to reflect this start!

Monkeywrenchmel said...

You are very brutally hard on yourself. *Take away the baseball I say CRICKET bat and quit beating yourself up!*

May God bless you...may the Holy Spirit keep breathing on you! +

James/Cootie said...

Even your flab looks fab, babez <3
*mwah mwah*

Benedictus said...

Welcome home, Michael.

A brotherly greeting from St. Michael Western Orthodox Church in Whittier, CA (Antiochian Archdiocese):

I have a very strong love for your "royal throne of kings," your "sceptred isle", and am always gratified and blessed when one more person is reconciled with his ancient Christian heritage.

Ad multos annos.

Subdeacon Thomas Llizo

A well-wisher said...


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