Many of you will have noticed the daily calendar in the right-hand margin. This is merely a bit of Javascript that I added to the blog template and it automatically updates daily. I think that this is a wonderful thing to have. However, it would appear that, for the pre-Nativity fast, the good people who provide this service have chosen to change the text to purple (save for Sundays, which remain red), making reading the text very difficult. As I have no control over the colour of the text, I'm afraid that there's very little that I am able to do about this short of changing the background colour of my blog, which I would prefer not to do. Until the fast ends, it may well be worth just highlighting the text so that it appears clearly.

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Michael said...

In fact, I've decided to just get rid of it. If there's anybody who finds it helpful, you can still view it on my parish's home page. In the right-hand column, it is the third link under the title "ROCOR links".

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