First Anniversary

Almighty God, in his infinite wisdom, has seen fit to allow me a whole year growing and being nourished within the Holy Orthodox Church. Today marks one year since I was baptised and chrismated, rather aptly on the Sunday of the Prodigal Son in the Byzantine run-up to Lent (the Triodion).

The past year has certainly been one of great personal spiritual growth for me. It has been rather lovely to worship in a liturgical tradition with which I haven't been completely familiar. It has meant that I have been able to take a step back from criticism of the manner in which the Liturgy is celebrated and actually been able to worship. I missed this in my previous home, mainly because I had allowed myself to get caught up in rubricism.

I have also settled into a wonderful and loving parish community, for which I am extremely garteful. I have a gentle, loving, and very sensible parish priest who has been a great help and friend to me, and I really have little cause for complaint.

I look forward to seeing what directions God wants to steer me in and finding out what happens.

Thank you, all, for being with me along the way.

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Mark said...


Benjamin Waterhouse said...

Many Years!

Jean-Michel said...

ad multos annos, my dear Michael


Margi said...

Mazl tov on a whole year! I cleared all the sludge out of my mailbox (nothing like Lent for a little electronic housekeeping) and I owe you a note.

Michael said...

Many thanks to you all.

I'm very grateful for your congratulations and good wishes. Don't worry, Margi. I'm just as bad much of the time. :-(

Ian said...

Congratulations Michael!: many, many years.

And my prayers for a blessed Lenten journey to the Feast of Feasts.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Michael, Many Years !!
For some reason, my Bloglines account fails to track your blog with any degree of accuracy, so I am a bit behind in reading your posts......
Have a Blessed Lent !

Michael said...

Thank you, Ian and Elizabeth, for your warm wishes. :-)

I think a number of people havew had difficulty finding me, Elizabeth, since by URL changed because of my fickleness. Don't worry. :-)

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