Crist Aras!

Christ is risen!

And with that I shall make an attempt at resuscitating this blog at the encouragement of friends, old and new. Those who did not follow my blog when it was active can be forgiven for their ill judgement. However, those who knew it should know better than to ask for it to come back. I can only imagine they like me. :-)

In any case, who I am I to disappoint? Some time has passed now so it is possible that I may have new things to say. Please feel free to join in, comment, and stimulate. I really appreciated everybody's help during my exploratory years and would love to see it continue.

In Christ,

2 responses:

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere, Michael !
You have been sorely missed !

Michael said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. It is good to be back and to see friends still going strong.

We have Joseph of the Ex Fide blog to thank/blame (delete as appropriate) for encouraging me to return. :-)

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