Pentecostal assistance required

I have just prayed Vespers for the Feast of the Ascension. As I was about to start, I picked up the Festal Menaion so I would have all of the necessaries to hand, and realised that the Ascension wasn't actually in there. It finally dawned on me that Ascension would be in the Pentecostarion instead because it falls during the Paschal season but I neither have nor can afford it at the moment. Anyway, I was glad to find that my fairly recent investment in a copy of the General Menaion, (a sort of fill-in-the gaps book for when you don't have the proper texts for specific feasts and saints), paid off, as it has commons for feasts of the Lord, so I just used those instead and adapted the text (mid-chant) where it invited me to. That seemed to work well enough. I'm sure God heard my prayer.

However, Pentecost is just around the corner, and the General Menaion does not have commons for feasts of the Holy Spirit. Is anybody able to help me by pointing me in the direction of the texts online? Thank you.

(Alternatively, you could buy me a copy of the Pentecostarion!)

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