Snow had fallen, Snow on Snow

The recent bad weather has caused problems for many people, myself included. I visited a friend for his birthday last week and found myself waiting for a bus in the city centre for an hour, while it snowed. When one did eventually arrive, and everybody at the bus stop, (who, by this point, had got to know each other quite well, having moved beyond frustration to laughter), piled onto it, it only went so far along the journey, leaving us to walk the rest of the way home in the wind and snow. On the way home from the Liturgy on Sunday, I got to the bus stop to be confronted with a sign saying that all bus services to my area had been withdrawn until further notice. I know that others have suffered much worse.

In light of this, I thought I would capture and share some of the happier effects of the snow. Here are some photographs I took yesterday, although we have had some more snow since then and it is snowing as I type.

Our garden

And again

Catprints in the snow. I'm sorry I didn't manage to get a photograph of her actually playing in the snow. It's so deep that her legs completely disappear. It's the strangest sight.

The Amazing Adventures of Perpetua, the Intrepid Snowtiger

I made a snowbishop. I haven't named him yet and a quick gance out of the window reveals that his nose has now fallen off, (I hear that this is a common problem among hierarchs during the winter months). It was pointed out to me that I have forgotten to give him a staff but I don't want to give the neighbours further cause for concern.

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Daniel (New Life) said...

HO HO HO! And a Merry Christmas to all!

Daniel (New Life) said...

Beg pardon my brother for my inane remark yesterday, meant as a spot of cheer. Hope you and all your readers are enjoying the Nativity season and looking forward to a blessed Feast.
"Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace godwill to all men" :-)

Lou said...

Snow has arrived in Chester this evening... Not enough for me to make even a Snow Cat, never mind a Snow Bishop!

I'm now reminded of the trip to Argos (was it Argos?) where we were singing "In the Bleak" because Classic FM had been playing the Darke version...

Michael said...

Ha! There's nothing wrong with a bit of inanity every now and then. I'm sure I get in more than my daily quota in the things that I say. :-D

Thank you for your good wishes. Have a happy and holy Christmas, Daniel.

Louisa, I was remembering the same incident only a few days ago. :-) You're more than welcome to some of our snow. Perhaps then I might be able to get a bus to somewhere.

You have a splendid Christmas.


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