Happy Christmas!

Christ is born: glorify Him! Christ descends from heaven: welcome Him! Christ is now on earth: O be jubilant! Sing unto the Lord, the whole earth, and sing praises to Him with joy, O all people, for He has been glorified.

- Irmos of the First Ode of the Matins Canon for Christmas

A happy and blessed Christmas to all!

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Blessed feast, Michael !

And it's my birthday :-)

Michael said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! And a belated very happy birthday to you!

May God grant you many years. :-)

Ian Climacus said...

Christ is Born! A (belated) blessed and joyous Feast to you.

[And a wonderful new site; and great name -- one of my favourite hymns.

And a (belated) Happy Birthday and Many Years to Elizabeth!]

Rubricarius said...

A very blessed Nativity and Afterfeast.

The absolute superiority of the Julian Calendar shines through with the Feast of the Nativity of Christ. The birth of Christ can be celebrated without the baggage of the re-paganised 'Saturnalia' of Western Christmas with its manifestations of commercialism and greed.

(There is the minor advantage too of half-priced Christmas Puddings and people putting out their Christmas trees conveniently in time to be recycled for True Christmass!)

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