Neither slumber nor sleep

Unfortunately, the post title refers not to the Lord keeping watch over his chosen people but rather to my complete lack of ability to sleep, which has been plaguing me for the past two months or so. (sigh). At first it was due to what I thought was the worst manifestation of my eczema for some years, so was quietly accepted for some weeks before I realised it was actually an allergic reaction to something in the house, so that was remedied. Then I thought it might be due to stress, but the cause of the difficulties has now been removed. I actually slept very well for a few nights.

Yet here I am again, at not long past 4.30 in the morning, looking like this. (That is actually a photograph of me.)

Perhaps it is spiritual.


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Ian Climacus said...

Michael: I am so sorry to read of your troubles sleeping. I hope this does not sound trite, for it is not meant to, but I do pray one night of not sleeping, as terrible as it is, may just be a once-off.
[it is what I tell myself if I have a bad day...I am not necessarily slipping back into depression]

Anyway: be assured of my prayers that sound sleep returns for you soon.

Michael said...

Thank you, Ian. No, it doesn't sound trite at all. In fact, I printed off the Western Rite Night Vigil (Matins) along with the other Holy Name Divine Office material, thinking, 'When am I ever going to have cause to use this?' Well, I suppose I have my answer.

For a while, prayer didn't come too easily but thyat has seen something of a renewal over the past fortnight or so, so perhaps I would do well to follow your example.

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