Why do today what can be put off for tomorrow?

I don't know why I do it. It is so easy to get caught up in the ease of doing what I want, when I want, in spite of my awareness of things that I know have to be done. My propensity for getting sidetracked never ceases to...

I was asked some weeks ago to do a write-up of an event for a particular publication and only managed it last Friday because one of the editors was quite keen to get the issue moving. The editor of another publication asked me well over a month ago to submit a book review and sent me a review copy of the book. Not only did I not have it ready in good time, I didn't actually open the book until last Saturday evening.

In addition to nearly letting good people down, I really did not like the last-minute pressure under which I put myself. Worst of all is that I actually benefitted greatly from having read the book, so in putting it off, I deprived myself of both the inner-peace and self-challenge that I got from it, and which I could really have used during those weeks.

So why do I do it? Why do I put things off and seem unable to exercise even the most basic amount of discipline? Perhaps I can make use of the upcoming Great Fast.

For the time being, I seem to have learnt my lesson. The services, with their music, for this weekend and next weekend have been finished and sent to my parish priest, and I have been working away over the past two days so that I am now one step away from finishing preparing the music for a wedding in July. Let's hope that sort of industriousness continues and I don't have a repeat of this weekend just gone.

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Joe S.R. said...

It seems we have something else in common. There was hymn I was supposed to learn for a mass this coming Friday, and I've known that I needed to learn it since December. I didn't actually take out the music and attempt to play it till today.

Michael said...

Ha! You're as bad as I am. What's awful, though, is that feeling when you know the time has come when you have no choice to do whatever it is that needs to be done, as the deadline looms ever nearer, and there are other things you would rather be doing or that you need to do. The result is often that what you might otherwise have enjoyed, you do with some degree of resentment. I didn't have that this time but I know the feeling well.

I'm sure you're perfectly capable of learning to play the hymn in good time. :-)

Lord Pontivillian the Fourth, of the Pantalon Dynasty said...

I find I have the problem of this post in the context of Blogging, so thanks for the reminder!

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