Services Broadcast Live from Mayfield

I have just learnt that the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in ROCOR's Eastern American Diocese has begun broadcasting its services live. You can enjoy streaming video or audio only by visiting this link.

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AncientBriton said...

Being new to your Blog I don't know whether or not you know of this site:

I had it from Subdeacon Seraphim of Orthodox Incense (Pennsylvania, US)this morning with a CD "The Bright Resurrection of Christ Paschal Matins by the Sretensky Monestry Choir, Moscow. I have listened to four tracks CD; sublime. Tuned in to the radio and heard some excellent Orthodox music. Petros

Michael said...

Dear Petros, you are very welcome. I'm glad to have you here.

Yes, I'm familiar with Ancient Faith Radio and acquainted with Subdeacon Seraphim. He really is an absolute gem, isn't he? Thank you for pointing me in their direction, though. Are you familiar with OCN? I sometimes listen to one of their stations here. I don't know whether you may like it.

The Stretensky CD is wonderful. They have also released a Lenten one which is quite beautiful. There is a Paschal one in English from the Holy Cross Hermitage as well, which I strongly recommend.

AncientBriton said...

Thank you Michael.
I have the Great Lent and Holy Week double CD album plus Divine Liturgy. Absolutely splendid. The Orthodox faith has so much to offer.
Welcome to my blog too and thank you for your interesting comments on my my ramblings.

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