Ordination Photographs

Here are some photographs of my ordination to the subdiaconate. I am incredibly grateful to Elisabeth from the cathedral parish for taking these and giving me this record of a very special day. The delay in them arriving was due to her having to re-schedule her return flight from her holiday due to the volcanic ash. I'm glad she eventully made it back safely.

Archbishop Mark waiting while I made my prostrations

The Ordination Prayer (above and below)

Vladyka blessing me to wear the orar (stole)

Vesting in the stole (above and below)

Preparing to wash Vladyka's hands. This is usually done at this point anyway but if a new subdeacon has been ordained he performs the washing.

Washing and drying Vladyka's hands (above and below)

The Lesser Entrance at the Divine Liturgy

Preparing for the washing of Vladyka's hands before the Great Entrance

(left to right) Priest Paul, Subdeacon Aleksander, and Archpriest Thomas at the Holy Unction service.

Subdeacon Aleksander and me assisting Archbishop Mark at the Unction service.

(l to r) Priest Nikolai, Reader Felix, Deacon Andrei and me.

4 responses:

Mark said...

Oh just wonderful!!! :D

...but your vestments are way better than ours! ;-p

BillyD said...

Congratulations, and many years!

Ian Climacus said...

Superb photos. Many, many years!

Michael said...

Thank you, all! :-)

Mark, that's one of those things that is simply understood. ;-)

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