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I got into these over a year ago and have become addicted. I'm not very good at them. I usually manage to gather all of the implements and then not have any idea of what to do with them, so I often cheat and look at the walk-through, only to feel defeated and try another one. I have also learnt not to even bother trying to do the ones with Japanese clues because being able to read the text is usually essential to escaping the room. The frustrating thing is when you get half way through the game before the first incomprehensible clue appears. Sadly, I don't have a translator to hand.

All in all, I quite enjoy them and find them immensely therapeutic, (except when I can't solve them on my own). Yet I feel as though it is my dirty little secret. I have never known any of my friends to speak about room escape games so I always imagine this world to be some strange, nerdy phenomenon of which nobody has ever heard and which is best left unmentioned in company.

The White Chamber is my favourite. It was the first room that I ever escaped on my own, without recourse to a walk-through. It is probably quite simplistic by the standards of the more seasoned player but, as I said, I'm not very good at these games. Some of them have very interesting twists so it isn't just about working out hiding places. There are puzzles and mathematical patterns. I did one today that, I discovered part way through, required some knowledge of chess, which I don't have. There are plenty of them to be found here.

Now, what I need for you all to is to tell me that you have been playing these things for years and consider them a normal part of the life of a well-adjusted human being.

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Ian Climacus said...

I wasn't, but I suspect I will be eternally addicted now.

margaret said...

I'm too old to figure it out. Most annoyingly my blog says yours is updated as of today but this post is 7 days old.

Michael said...

I'm sorry, Margaret and Ian. It's all a plot to create confused game addicts. :-D

There was a post today. It was there for about 45 seconds before I deleted it. It was just a test for some code I was playing around with. I wanted to see how it looked in reality. Still, I managed to lure you here. Now you can get stuck in the unending web of room escape games, and be trapped with Ian and me for ever.


Oh, and happy All Saints for the weekend!

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