When I Was Your Age...

Many people speak fondly of people younger than they are, saying that they remind them of themselves at that age. While I am still young, I have had a few experiences like this with some of my younger friends and there is a real sense fulfilment in being able to help them and guide them through uncertain times in their lives.

However, what happens when we see traits that we recognise as being among the worst elements of our past selves? I must confess that often my first thought in those situations is that it's a miracle I had friends at all. It's like watching one of the more cringeworthy episodes of Frasier. You know the ones I mean. You find yourself having to hide behind a cushion/teddybear/egg-decorating kit (please don't ask why I have one of these) because you simply can't bear to watch as you realise that the embarrassing scenario unfolding and which you have no power to prevent bears some resemblance to your present or past life. Yet, though it is painful, you find yourself unable to leave the room or change the channel because something about your love for the programme keeps you there, dedicated to the end.

This is what it's like with friendships sometimes. Yet I try to remind myself that it is only through the care and patience of others, and them seeing other things in me, that I was able to grow up a little, (just a little, mind you), and I try to extend the same to others. Yet sometimes I fail miserably and just lose patience. I often think this is very uncaring and disloyal. What happens at those times? What do others do?

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Jon Marc said...

I totally know what you mean! What's even worse for me is when I visit family and find myself responding to them in those same two-year old sorts of ways and being unable to stop :-/. But what to do? I usually manage to find some dirty dishes to wash or messy counter tops to clean so that I can keep myself from reacting - saves the friend (or me) the awkwardness and gets something constructive done at the same time :-).

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