Sourozh Diocesan Conference

I had the great pleasure over the weekend of taking part in the 35th annual conference of the Diocese of Sourozh, being the local diocese of the patriarchal Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain & Ireland. The fellowship was worth it alone but the content of the conference was of great spiritual and practical benefit. My thoughts about the weekend are in need of some more refinement before I say very much here but, for now, I would like to say just how exceptionally well organised it was and how happy my brothers and sisters and I from three different parishes of the Church Abroad felt at being as warmly welcomed as we were - we were truly one family.

Perhaps I shall say a little more later. In the meanwhile, some photographs of the weekend may be seen here.

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Ian Climacus said...

Wonderful to read of such a great weekend for you, in all forms: spiritual and other. Thanks be to God.

Off to check out the photos; and interested in any further thoughts as well,

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