St Moses the Black: the Motion Picture

I would like, if I may, to draw readers' attention to Nathan's blog, where he has recently revealed his other talents as a film producer and screenwriter, and announced plans to produce a film about the life of St Moses the Black. It sounds a truly exciting project and one that will, no doubt, be greatly beneficial to many people. We could all learn from the life of St Moses, abandoning those things that separate us from God and neighbour, rejecting our shame at confessing them, and seeking as best we can to follow the way of Christ.

I now have the DVDs of the lives of St Elisabeth the New Martyr and St John of Shanghai and San Francisco, and I think that such presentations of the Saints are splendid, both for their edification of Christians and for their potential use in missionary activity.

This project needs monetary support. Please contact Nathan through his website if you think you might be able to help.

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Andrew McQuillen said...

Thats outstanding. One of my recurring day dreams is figuring out cinematography for a film about some of the desert Fathers. I hope this goes well.

Michael said...

Andrew, welcome! It's really good to have you posting here. I hope you're well.

Yes, it's really encouraging, I think. There are more of these things out there but they're often not dubbed into English. There are a few produced in the English language but not many, so this is a really good effort. I hope Nathan gets the sponsorship needed to do this. I just wish I could help more.

Han said...

Interesting icon. It seems more action packed than most, as if St. Moses has just worked himself up to fill that basket with rocks to remind himself of his sins.

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