Consecration of St Nicholas' Church, Oxford - Part 2

A photo-collage has now been posted to Youtube with some photographs not included in the set previously linked. I hope you enjoy it as much as I just have.

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Anonymous said...

Looks splendid, Michael - even sorrier not to have been able to join you. At 2:40ish, there appears to be someone in the sanctuary, unvested and weilding a camera. Are my eyes deceiving me or is this possible? Richard

John Konstantin said...

Many thanks Michael. Love your roving reports.

John Konstantin

Michael said...

I do get about, don't I? :-)

Blame my grandmother. As I was growing up in St Kitts, she would take me to the patronal festival masses and other special occasions at all of the parishes of the island and sometimes the neighbouring island of Nevis. As such, thanks to her, I grew up being grounded in a particular parish but was never without a sense of belonging to a wider church family, and I suppose I just continue that today.

No, Richard. Your eyes aren't deceiving you. Often photographs or videos appear of services taken from within the altar and I used to wonder how this was so. Then I started serving and realised that, for special occasions, a photographer will often have a blessing to be in the altar but will usually be vested, presumably so as to keep distraction to a minimum. I'm not sure what the rubrics prescribe as suitable vestments for the liturgical photographer but from my observations, it seems to be a stikhar. Perhaps there just weren't enough on Saturday. i can certainly understand that, with the number of people who were in the altar.

AncientBriton said...

Thank you for posting the pictures and the music Michael. Loved it.
Best wishes, Petros

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