My Conversion to Orthodoxy

Or rather, the beginning of my conversion to Orthodoxy, which I now realise is not necessarily always a forward journey.

Reading a friend's recent post on his blog, which I recommend to all with particular interest in traditional western liturgy, I very much empathised with his expression of his current frustration and sense of confusion and lack of sure direction. I was actually reminded of very similar feelings when I first began to experience discomfort in my former home. Patricius and I have very different starting points and shall quite possibly have very different ending points but it strikes me that he and Ex Fide, another friend who currently seems to feel unsettled with his former understanding of his current home, may find it beneficial to see that others have trodden similar paths before, whatever destination they eventually reach, (which may well be precisely where they are now, having found peace there once again).

Another thing that I realise is that most of you who read this blog now did not know me when I started it. It started life in early 2005 with the title Sarisburium: Full-Faith and Filioque-Free, (and was at the location now occupied by the Oremus blog of Hieromonk Aidan), reflective of my interest in the liturgical Use of Sarum and my journey into Orthodoxy. It was my first attempt at a blog, even before my Orthodox infancy, (embryonic Orthodoxy?), and was to serve as a place where I could share my thoughts as I explored Orthodoxy, and receive guidance and read the experiences of others. The blog has changed its title, appearance, location, and focus a number of times since then but most everything from those early days is still here and accessible from the archive section in the sidebar, and I am grateful to you all for your ongoing encouragement. Some of those who supported me in those early days are good friends today. Others have since left Orthodoxy and yet others have rejected Christianity altogether. Yet, they were all a part of my online support in those early days, and some of them were among those who asked for me to post a summary of my reasons for conversion to Orthodoxy in the first place.

Therefore, I take you all back in time to August, 2006, six months after my Baptism, when I wrote this:

As I said, it was very much the beginning of a journey that has proved to be very surprising and often turbulent, but I think that it may be helpful to at least two of my friends who read my blog from time to time, and sharing it with you all gives you an opportunity to see where I have come from and me the opportunity to update my blog without actually having to be particularly imaginative this evening. :-) I promise that such recycling will not become habitual.

Finally, please pray for Patricius, Ex Fide, and all who are questioning and searching, and experiencing the unease of finding the stability that they had once known to be perhaps now less certain.

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Patricius said...

Thanks for the link Michael, good post too.

Anonymous said...

And what a journey it is proving! Great photo too.

I took possession of Percy Dearmer and took it down to Boston for my evening's reading prior to my ordination. His Eminence decided to ordain me subdeacon instead of, rather than addition to, Reader. Then thrown in at the deep end serving a full blown Hierarchical Liturgy with full Romanian choir from one of their musical universities.

Proves the point on your journey that you go expecting one destination and are suprised by quite another!

John Konstantin

Michael said...

You're very welcome, Patricius, and thank you! Welcome, as well. Your first comment here. I'm very pleased. :-)

John, I don't know what to say other than these three things:
1. Axios!
2. God grant you many years!
3. You do realise that when my bishop visits and I am in need of another subdeacon, you will be the person upon whom I'll be calling, don't you?

I'm really, really pleased for you. Bishops do unsurprising things and I'm sure this will be a blessing to you and your parish.

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