ROCOR Western Rite Developments

I awoke in the early hours of Saturday morning to be greeted with the news of this decree of the Synod of Bishops.

After the initial shock had waned somewhat, my first thought was for those who have become my friends who are directly affected by this.  Among those with whom I corresponded, there was a very clear sense of hurt, loss, and bewilderment. It must be understood that, for many, this came out of thin air.  I checked the Occidentalis Yahoo group to see if there was any further news. At the time, there was no discussion of the matter at all, likely because the news had broken less than 24 hours previously and the people directly affected were busy looking after each other and prayerfully assessing their own situations. What was most striking, though, was that the discussions of the preceding few days suggested business as usual.  This highlighted for me the suddenness of all of this.

Please pray for those in the thick of this and those charged with their pastoral care.

In the days since the decree was published, the internet has been host to much public speculation, innuendo, and misdirection.  There has been insensitive and really quite unseemly gloating from opponents of the Western Rite over their perception of its death in ROCOR, as well as an almost delusional "ostriching" by those who seem to think that life will continue in the Vicariate as before. I think that charity and everybody's spiritual wellbeing would be well served by some prayerful and patient awaiting of further clarification.

The decree mentions a forthcoming letter to be addressed to the Vicariate clergy, as well as a commission set up to look after them and their proper integration into ROCOR life - something that has been lacking until now, for various and complex reasons. At least one member of that commission has since indicated publicly that the picture is emphatically not as bleak as the WR opponents might perhaps like to think, and that the Western Rite shall continue in ROCOR, while making clear that things will certainly be different.

Perhaps we should just wait and see.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

It is a very sad situation indeed :-( and I will be keeping all concerned in my prayers.

May God make His Will plain for the future of the WR in ROCOR.

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