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I'm sorry for my absence from the blogosphere lately. I haven't forgotten you, my friends. I've been a bit all over the place lately and not been sure exactly how coherent I could be while putting my own thoughts and experiences into words.

My fellow catechumen has been poorly these past few weeks gone. Please remember him in prayer. His elderly mother is also quite ill and he has been very busy lately with other issues, which have been resolved in his favour, but which must have been exhausting nonetheless.

The result is that I have been sitting outside during the Liturgy very much on my own these past couple of fortnights. I almost burst into strains of All by myself today. However, I was very touched when another one of our very musical people approached me afterwards and said, 'You need to get baptised soon - the music really suffers when you leave', which I thought was a really nice thing to say, and which I needed to hear.

Father Paul says that he thinks that Pascha would be a good time to have us both received. Originally, he had said between Theophany and Pascha, so I'm glad for a little more precision and also the knoweldge that I shan't be expected to be submerged in the Irish Sea in the dead of winter.

Also, the Kursk Root Icon is coming to Great Britain during January. I'm not sure yet what its itinerary is, but I would love to be able to venerate it.

There's also talk of a visit to our parish by our bishop at some point during the course of the year. That should be all good fun. The significance of this may not be realised by those whose bishops live in the same country as them, but Archbishop Mark lives in Munich, and has never visited our parish before, so it will be rather a significant event.

I think that's about it for now. I'll try to be around more often. :-)

M x

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Joe said...

I have venerated the KurskRoot Icon on two occasions before. Both were very awe inspiring. I am sure it will a wonderful experience for you.

Joe Zollars

Ian said...

Prayers for you and for the fellow catechumen and his mother.

What a blessing to be complimented on your fine musical skills as well.

Continued prayers.

ferijen said...

Nice to hear from you :D

Anonymous said...

Well. From now on, every time I hear "Depart, all you catechumens" sung so charmingly in flawless Greek, I shall mentally transport meself to England and be spiritually sitting right there with you, Michael. As far as is in my power, "All By Myself" is not to be your song. Your song will be "=WE= have seen the True Light...." and I'll be singing it with you!

Many Years, and remember...celebrating Russian Christmas and Easter is a great boon; we get our candy for half price! Heheheheh.

Leetle M.

Joe said...

BTW prayers for you Michael and the other Catechumen as you approach your illumination. I remember when I was recieved into the Orthodox Church as if it were just last week.....

JOe Zollars

Joe said...

well not every year, the years Pascha is like 5 weeks behind western Easter, we get it at 1/4 price. ;)

Joe Zollars

Anonymous said...

Joe, you are great! The Orthodox Church has been all the richer since you've been with us!

A sense of humor is absolutely necessary to preserve the radiance of illumination.

In my humble opinion, of course.

Leetle M.
Now where can I get those 75% off chocolate Easter bunnies....

Joe said...

never question a bargain queen and his ability to shop. ;)

Joe Zollars

Joe said...

well the good ones are gone by Palm Sunday of course. I do get some goodies though at the local grocery store, which isn't part of a chain so any waste it just has to eat--thus the propensity for large discounts.

Of course we could get a bigger discount if we all went in together and offered to buy their entire stock....

Anonymous said...

Joe. you are washed. you are sanctified, you are illuminated...but you're tempting a puir Scot!

hehhehheh, I'll keep an eye on my local grocery store from now on....

Leetle M.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Michael, can you post the dates/places for the Kursk icon visits when you hear about them ? I would seriously want to see Her !

Michael said...

Thanks, all, for your responses.

Joe, I may have to join you on that shopping spree. Some people say you can't buy happiness. I say they clearly just don't know where to shop.

Elizabeth, yes, certainly. I'll try to find outn where it's going and when, and then post back.

Joe said...

Michael--how true how true how true.

Clearly how many people in a non free market economy (say communist Russia) are truly happy.

There is something just plain good about good, wholesome bargain shopping. Must be my hebraic ancestry.

Joe Zollars

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