Well done, Joe and Ian!


Our own Joe and Ian were both received into Orthodoxy last Sunday and today (or yesterday, depending on where you are), respectively.

Please remember them both in prayer.

God bless you both, and grant you many years!

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Joe said...

Thank you.

Hard to believe we beet you to the punch line. ;)

Joe Zollars

Ian said...

Thank you from me too. As Joe said, I was surprised we got there first. I was wondering if we'd be 10-year catechumens. God has His time, though.

Please be assured of my constant prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes! As I posted on the wrong thread (a bit disorganised today: "Orthodox Christianity: Disorganised Religion at its Finest!") Many Years to Joe and Ian!

We shall all be life-long catechumens; we'll never learn all about Orthodoxy even in all our lifetimes. You guys will have longer to learn than I have had--I was already in my 40s when I was "cremated".... but that's okay.

I will be praying, and I'll keep praying. May God bless you guys!

And Michael too, when he comes trundling along at Paschaltide!

Love, Leetle M.

Anonymous said...

Michael, forgot to add my prayers for your fellow catechumen (shame on me!). May he be well soon, and may his care of his loved ones be noted in Christ's book. It is not easy. May God bless you both!

Leetle M.

Michael said...


You've both gone and Orthodoxed and left me behind. I'm not your friend, and I'm certainly not talking to either of you for a good 30 seconds. ;-)

Leetle M, thank you.

Joe said...


don't worry we'll at least pray for you while you give us the cold shoulder.

Joe Zollars

Anonymous said...

hehe as well....

I keep thinking of you gentlemen as "electronic Godsons".... just as cute as regular little Godsons, bigger and cleverer too.

Prayers continue!

Love, your doting Leetle M.

Joe said...

woohoo that means you get the privelage/pennance of praying for us Leetle M. ;)

Joe Zollars

Anonymous said...

Reading this wonderful blog and praying for you all is definately a privilege! Peace and joy to everyone at this holy time.

Leetle M.

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