Shall I Continue?

Once ago, people used to read my blog and comment, and I was part of a small but friendly network of bloggers. Now, I get the odd comment from faithful followers but it isn't what it once was. It may well be that I have readers who just don't post, or it may be that I should never have resuscitated my blog and that it serves little purpose.

If you do read Synaxis and feel that my posting occasional thoughts and things that interest me may be worthwhile, please leave a comment on this post to let me know.

Thank you.

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Ian said...

I wouldn't say your blog service little purpose: I enjoy and learn from it, and if it helps you get your thoughts down I'd say that is the main thing.

But I know it can be a tiresome process at times too: God bless, whatever you decide.

ex_fide said...

I think it's good for YOU never mind us. Writing is therapeutic, you can throw ideas around that in discussion with brainier folk would be rubbished immediately and you'd feel crushed (this always happens to me). So keep writing about Orthodoxy because it keeps it all fresh and new in your mind. The readers are only half the matter.

markrowland said...

I enjoy reading what you write. I don't write that much in my own blog and am never sure how much what I do put there gets read but I think that's the occupational hazard of blogging. It is certainly true to say that I missed your blog when you took it down.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I have always found something of interest to note, ponder, comment on here or even add to my own blog from every single one of your posts, Michael.

On many occasions they have been educational and indeed soul-profiting, for which I give you my sincere thanks.

I have also been pondering the future of my own blog. I am tempted to keep mine going even if it just ends up being an online snapshot of my life which I can look back upon and see how I have progressed - or not :-)

God bless you richly, whatever you decide.

Mark said...


I just often don't qcomment because with being overworked my comments are oftentimes inane, bitty or flippant! Do continue!

Michael said...

Please continue. I like hearing about Orthodoxy in the UK.

Michael said...

Well, thank you, everybody. It's sometimes difficult with blogs, isn't it, to know just how much of it is self-indulgence and how much makes for useful contribution and discussion? Sometimes I fing myself posting simply for the sake of it, and I wonder why. I'm glad to hear that others find something of my inane witterings helpful.

I love reading other people's blogs. I often learn so much either from what they themselves say or from the websites, books, and other resources they seem to know about which seem to have eluded me completely. I think that sort of sharing can be very useful in the Christian quarter of the blogosphere so those of you who do blog, please do keep it up if your time allows.

Thanks, again, for the words of encouragement.

I shall certainly try to include abit more, Michael, about the goings-on of Orthodoxy in the UK. :-)

In Christ,

Daniel (New Life) said...

You shall certainly continue mon ami. I shan't say Well done! Well done! but, "continually: Let the Lord be magnified"

Joe S.R. said...

I read, but I don;t often commnt on blogs that I read.

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