Can Anyone Identify This?

Above is a photograph of what appears to be a portion of a statue. It has clearly been cropped from a larger picture, and depicts a subdeacon carrying a fan. I nicked it from one of the Facebook groups for subdeacons but the member who supplied the photograoh no longer has, and no longer remembers where he got the original.

If anybody knows what it is from or can supply a photograph of the full thing, I'd be very grateful.

Thank you.

2 responses:

Anonymous said...

Probably from Christ Savior Cathedral in Moscow.

Michael said...

Aha! Thank you! You're absolutely correct. I did a quick image search for statues at Christ the Saviour and, surely enough, in the ninth photograph down on this page is my subdeacon.

I recognise Christ the Saviour instantly from the inside but have only ever seen external photographs taken from a distance before now. As a result, I had never before seen the statuary, which is really rather splendid.

I know your website well and visit it often, and link to it from our diocesan website, so I'm pleased to have you on my little blog. :-)

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