Abbot Augustine (Whitfield) Gravely Ill

Dom Augustine, Abbot of the Monastery of Our Lady of Mount Royal since 1962, is gravely ill in hospital.

He is in his nineties and is ailing. Please pray.

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Michael said...

Thank you, Mark. Fr Augustine is suffering from complete kidney failure. There was also another complaint that necessitated surgery last evening. The prognosis is not encouraging.

Mount Royal is the earliest and longest-running Western Rite monastic community in ROCOR (having transferred from the patriarchal church in 1975) and for a long time was the only Western Rite presence we had at all. While they were only ever few in number, Fr Augustine steered them through the difficult times and faced the opposition and lack of comprehension. Through all of that, they remained faithful and never left for easier places. It is largely through his faithfulness and the respect that he gained through his quiet and humble perseverance that there is much more widespread acceptance today.

I think much of the Western Rite Orthodox world and its circle of friends are in prayer at the moment.

Ian Climacus said...

Prayers ascending from Down Under for Dom Augustine.

Mark St. George said...

My name is Mark St. George and a friend of Fr. Augustine. Fr. Augustine has been a blessing to my life and our family since 1983.I would like to let the community know that he is in a rehabilitation facility for a short period and is gradually regaining his strength. We are optimistic that he will be able to return home once again with help form our small family in Jacksonville.

Your thoughts and prayers are asked for in this time of recovery.

Michael said...

Dear Mark,

Thank you for the news and for your care of Fr Augustine. It's good to know that he is surrounded by those who love him. Please do let us know when you know more. It would be very much appreciated.

In Christ,

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