Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia

Metropolitan Kallistos and his characteristic warmth.

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Lord Pontivillian the Fourth, of the Pantalon Dynasty said...


BillyD said...

I had never heard him before. Priceless!

Rubricarius said...

Hilarious! Can you imagine 'An Evening with Metropolitan Kallistos'? He is both highly erudite and very amusing.

It is many years since I last met him. He has the wonderful ability to remember a person, think for a moment and then ask about contacts from the last time he met the particular person.

Michael said...

He is splendid, isn't he? He came to speak in Manchester a couple of years ago after serving the Liturgy for which I had been asked to organise the music, so I stayed and we all remained captivated - caught up in what he was saying while entertained all the way. He really knows how to keep his audience and is a good teacher at the same time.

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