Bishop Daniel of Erie Reposes - UPDATED

His Grace Bishop Daniel of Erie reposed in the Lord yesterday, the 13th (26th) of April, 2010, being the feast of the Holy Hieromartyr Artemon of Syria.

Bishop Daniel had been in poor health for some time and our prayers had been particularly asked for him in recent days. A short biography and photo gallery may be found on the website of the Eastern American Diocese. According to the ROCOR Synod website, the funeral is to take place on mid-Pentecost, which is Wednesday of this week. Although details have not yet been finalised, I would be very surprised if the funeral were held anywhere other than the Church of the Nativity, which to all intents and purposes served as Bishop Daniel's cathedral.

Bishop Daniel was ROCOR's extra-territorial bishop for those who belong to the Old Rite, which has been discussed in some small detail on this blog in the past. This was part of the efforts on the part of the Church Abroad to reach out to those who had been so badly treated in the past in order to bring them back into the Church's fold. However, wounds run deep and many of these communities have developed in interesting ways during these centuries of separation, making reconciliation difficult in many cases. As such, only one parish has so far returned within the Church Abroad, (although I gather that others have returned in the Russian Patriarchal Church). ROCOR reaffirmed its support of the Old Rite in the consecration of Bishop John of Caracas in 2008, which was performed according to the Old Rite. However, whether a new bishop will be consecrated to care for our brothers and sisters of the Old Rite remains to be seen.

Bishop Daniel was also sympathetic to the Western Rite, seeing it as simply another equivalent to the Old Rite.

Whatever happens, I am sure that the people of the Church of the Nativity have lost a loving pastor, and I pray that they find some consolation.

In a blessed falling asleep, grant rest, O Lord, to the soul of thy servant the Bishop Daniel, and make his memory to be eternal.

Update: 30/04/2010
Photographs of Bishop Daniel's funeral.
And a video:

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margaret said...

Memory eternal! I must burrow back further in your blog and read about reaching out to the Old Rite, somehow I am sad to say, I missed it.

Michael said...

That's ok, Margaret. :-) It isn't very informative as I don't have any first-hand experience of the Old Rite beyond occasional use of their prayer book, and the first of those posts actually comes from among my grumpier postings. Still, if you wish to read them, just click on the "old rite" label at the bottom of the post and you should find them all.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Memory eternal....

Ian Climacus said...

May his memory be eternal!

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