Global Warming Poll result

I thought that Earth Day (yesterday) might be a good time to publish the results of the poll that I added to this blog after my post about Earth Hour a little under a month ago. However, I forgot, so here they are now.

The question was: How do you feel about climate change?

28 votes were cast in total. Here is the breakdown by answer:

It is largely due to the actions of the human race and we need to take action now in order to prevent catastrophe.
5 votes (17.86%)

Its results will be catastrophic within a few decades but it has nothing to do with the actions of mankind and we can't do anything about it.
3 votes (10.71%)

It is a perfectly normal part of the life of the planet. I don't understand what all the fuss is about.
2 votes (7.14%)

It is a perfectly normal part of the life of the planet that is being taken advantage of so that the wealthy can turn a greater profit, while all of the hype is having detrimental effects on the poorest people of the world.
10 votes (35.71%)

I don't really understand. I am confused by the conflicting information.
3 votes (10.71%)

I have always accepted the status quo that it's a man-made problem that needs to be fixed. Now I'm not so sure and think I'll explore it some more.
4 votes (14.29%)

I'm really not interested.
1 vote (3.57%)

To be entirely honest, at the time of the original post, (which can be read here), I had thought that the responses would be overwhelmingly negative and that I would be told how irresponsible I am for even suggesting such a thing. Now the poll results seem to indicate that perhaps a greater proportion of people than I initially thought are skeptical of the hype, and that some have as their concern the effect that it has on the world's poor. Others, like me, had never had cause to challenge the received wisdom but have been open-minded and are willing to explore it some more. This is very encouraging.

We need to have a care for the planet but we also need to balance that with a care for people. When the former reaches the point where unnecessary measures are taken, and when these measures have the detrimental effect of leading to starvation and death of those whom we could otherwise help, something has gone very wrong indeed.

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