The Cherubic Hymn meets Karl Jenkins

I'll let you make of that what you will. I rather like it musically (for all of the same reasons that I enjoy the music of Karl Jenkins, who could easily have composed this) but can't see it possibly working as a Cherubic Hymn during the Liturgy. For those requiring an antidote, here is a setting of the Trisagion by the same composer:

I must also confess a fondness for this Trisagion by Serbian American composer Lisa Milena Simikic. I rather like modern music done well.

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Stephen said...


I like it. But it does somewhat put me in the mind of cherubim with hiccups...

The later is glorious!

Michael said...

It does rather sound that way, doesn't it? If you're familiar with Jenkins' work, though, (the Adiemus stuff, that used to be quite popular on television adverts a few years ago), you'll recognise that effect as typical of his music.

Did anybody else notice and rather like the scarf worn by the lady in the aqua hoodie?

Bill Dilworth said...

The staccato parts sound more like Philip Glass to me. I do like it once they get past those parts.

Michael said...

Oh, you're right! I hadn't consciously encountered him before but it's much closer.

Yes, it is enjoyable and good fun. I think that alto who starts of has a beautiful voice: I could listen to her all day. It is her voice that partly brought Adiemus to mind, at those times where Jenkins uses a clear, sonorous alto voice, but also the chirping is reminiscent of some of his pieces.

I ought to have said that the composer's name here is Simon Kohut, and it is he who is conducting in both videos.

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