St Michael at Colossae

Today in the Byzantine Calendar is the commemoration of the miracle of the Holy Archangel Michael at Colossae, being my name day and also the day on which, in 2005, I was made a catechumen.

The story of the miracle is here.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Slightly belated greetings, Michael. Many Years to you !

Jon Marc said...

I didn't realize it was your nameday! God grant you many years!

Michael said...

Many thanks to you, both, for your good wishes. :-)

margaret said...


And I too am sorry for being late. I assume all Michaels are on Michaelmas - and I'm in the midst of a calendar crisis so I'm sure I'll get everyone's name day wrong for many, many months to come. Or possibly every day for ever :)

Michael said...

:-D That's quite all right, Margaret. I hope that somehow manages to resolve itself.

I don't expect people to remember - it is a minor name day really, the main one, which I've never really taken to, being in November. It's just that this one has more significance to me because of my catechumenate, and at the present time i suppose I'll just take anything that gives me some sort of sense of belonging and direction.

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