"The Way" now available as a DVD box set

Many of you will probably know about The Way, which is an Orthodox catechetical course, presenting the basics of the Faith in an Alpha-style format but with actual substance. I know that my local Antiochian parish ran it a couple of years ago and it seemed to have worked well. Well, it seems that, earlier this month, the course materials were made available as a DVD set with instructional material for organisers. It may be purchased from Amazon or Gazelle Books.

I must say that I am disappointed by the region encoding. From my past experience of working in a Christian bookstore, I know that the majority of Christian DVDs, whether they depict worship, lectures, documentaries, films, concerts, or just about anything, are not region encoded, precisely because the motives of controlling distribution and making a substantial profit are usually not the primary concerns of the publishers. Yet, if the Amazon listing is correct, the DVDs for The Way are encoded for region 2, essentially placing a restriction on how widely they can be used. I do not understand why they would do this.

That said, I do like the approach of the publicity video. There is no false glitz or hype. It doesn't try to grab people's attention through empty gimmicks but simply presents the content in an adult fashion for adults. I, for one, appreciate not being patronised in the way that Christian outreach efforts often do in tryng to re-package the Faith but which almost always seems like desperation. If we truly believe that what we have to share with the world is what it is, then we shouldn't need to fall back on such things, and this seems to me to show great faith and confidence that the "product" needs no embellishment.

Here it is:

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