New Bishop for Old Rite

Well, why should I be the only one who doesn't get to use tabloid-style headlines from time to time?

It seem that His Grace Bishop John of Caracas has been charged with the care of Old Ritualist communities in the Russian Church Abroad, which were placed under his extra-diocesan jurisdiction by a decision of the Synod of Bishops on the 13th (26th) of October. Bishop John was elevated to the holy episcopate at the parish of the Nativity, where he was consecrated according to the rites and ceremonies of the Old Rite. He, of course, replaces Bishop Daniel of Erie, who reposed in the Lord earlier this year. This would seem to indicate an ongoing support for the Old Rite and outreach to those who belong to it but who remain separated from the bosom of the Church. Long may it continue.

I am no expert on the Old Rite but only pick up snippets through reading due to my personal interest. However, I have noticed Bishop John's occasionally unusual attire and have always assumed that this was due to his Old Rite consecration. He does not always wear the klobuk, which is a modern combination of the kamilavka and monastic veil, but often the separate veil apparently worn over some form of headwear with a rounded top. Perhaps somebody with more knowledge can add more on this. Notice, as well, the distinctively less ornate Panagia (pectoral icon) and the Russian lestovka instead of the Greek prayer knots that can be seen in the above photograph, taken after Bishop John's consecration. Here are some videos from that occasion:

The Synod seems to be taking a few decisions lately without actually formalising them with a decree. I'm not sure what this means in terms of fluidity and future plans but I find it curious.

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Jon Marc said...

Bishop John was consecrated with the intention of eventually taking over for Bishop Daniel from what I heard, so I've honestly been more surprised by how much time he's spent in the South American Diocese than by this appointment :-). I have a link on my Fourth Rome blog to the website of the main popovtsy Old Believer jurisdiction if you want to compare Bishop John's usual garb with that of the Belokrinitsy hierarchs.

Michael said...

Yes, I do enjoy and follow your sidebar links from time to time, Jon Marc. Google Translate is a wonderful tool. :-) Thank you for making all of these interesting goodies easily available.

Jon Marc said...

It's how I get my nerdy joy in life ;-).

Michael said...

We all have our little nerdy foibles. It's just that we in the blogosphere are shameless about making them public.

Michael Schopperth said...

Bishop Daniel baptized me and was a major part of my family's faith when I was younger. He would come to Passaic, NJ and Valley Cottage, NY for services. He was a pretty amazing man, and I am reading more about his life and his footprint. Pretty amazing stuff.

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