Tentatively Stepping Back In

Hello, friends and readers.

The busyness now seems to have waned a little and I once again have time to devote to sharing the inner-workings of my mind with the world, (or the half dozen or so of its inhabitants who occasionally pass through here - inhabitants of the world that is, not of my mind). I was utterly convinced yesterday that my blogwell had run dry but a close friend made me promise to continue, and I realise that I do actually have one or two things to report so I intend to do so over the next day or two. I also hope to catch up on the goings-on in the rest of the blogosphere where I usually hang out but simply haven't had the time lately. Please do not think that my absence of comments on your posts is through any lack of interest. I have simply been either stretched or comatose for the past month but now I'm ready to inflict myself upon you once again.

Now to finish getting ready for Great Vespers of Theophany tonight.

More soon.

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